Friday, February 25, 2011

late night bar etiquette - tipping

Tipping well is incredibly important when you are trying to get service at a busy bar.  Imagine: you are standing at the bar, money in hand, waiting.  You are surrounded by crowds of people all with the same basic intent - to get a drink from the bartender - yet for some reason it seems like they keep skipping you.

The busier a place is the more important your tip becomes.  Of course, to do their job, the bartender has to serve someone, but that someone does not have to be you!  If the person to your right or left has established themselves as a good tipper and you are a bad tipper, guess who will get served over and over again?

You might have been waiting for five or ten minutes, perhaps longer, when suddenly the bartender looks over your head, makes eye contact with someone behind you and begins pouring their drink.  Look over your shoulder, this person is a regular, he/she is good tipper.  He/she will always get served before you, unless you place yourself equally in this category. This may upset or irritate you, but really, put yourself in the shoes of the bartender.  If you had to do a job but someone offered you more money to serve them first, would you turn it down?

Remember this at last call as well, if you have been a poor tipper all night and you're hoping for just one more drink - a bartender always remembers a good tipper and never forgets a bad one - you will be overlooked. So the next time you wonder why "the service here sucks!" consider your tip amount, you'd be amazed what an extra couple of quarters will do.  And if you're planning to be a really bad tipper bring a credit card and run a tab for the night so that the bartenders don't know this until it's too late.

If you found this information valuable, you may want to stay tuned for the next post: late night bar etiquette - how not to be an ass!

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