Sunday, July 31, 2011

customer profile: the power couple

This duo can appear in nearly any age group, but usually falls in the 30-55 range - and they are a dream come true for any server.

They are always impeccably dressed, he often wears a suit that is tailored perfectly (or a shirt that you and I could never pull off) while she floats gracefully in impossibly high heels.  There is an air around them of absolute confidence, but you'll notice a distinct lack of pretension.

They are out to dine, not cram a meal in prior to the theatre, they have all the time in the world and intend to enjoy the chef's culinary talents in full.  These two don't need any suggestions yet they graciously accept direction from their server.  They know more about the wine list than most of the staff and are often generous enough to leave the last half-glass of whatever outrageously expensive wine they decide on - for the service staff to taste.

Conversation at the table is intelligent and inviting, you can't help but wish you were dining with the duo, instead of serving the table.  The end of the meal finds the server almost embarrassed by the size of the tip (if the couple received great service of course).

Here in Stratford we wave goodbye and hope to see them again next season... Or look to our own Des & Bryna for a great example of this customer genre.


  1. the chew is making me want to barf lately...

  2. time for the chew to wave bye-bye!!!!!!!

  3. hey chew- have you tried Taj yet? Did you know about the jazz on Raja's patio for second seating? How bout that ceviche at Bijoux? Where can you get a fast and trouble free downtown lunch now that Elizabethan has closed? and BTW, who bought it, and what are they going to do with it? What's going on at the new little food shop on Downie and what's this I hear about a bread shop across from the Domino?
    I can think of any number of things you could write about besides this drivel...come on!

  4. Did you give someone your ID and password?

  5. Lol, I apologize, and must admit I agree this is very sub-par, unfortunately I think too many split shifts and 5-hour energy drinks are causing brain damage! I beg a little patience, better posts are in the works - I have tried Taj, and Alan's bakery has me quite excited, unlike the new hotdog man... August will be better...I hope :S