Wednesday, August 3, 2011

i'm afraid of Americans...and their cash

We all know the American dollar is in trouble.  For quite a number of years now it has bounced around par with our dollar, spending a good deal of time uncomfortably below ours - quite the turnaround for what the American's were used to! (We wont even talk about the trouble they are in currently that could tank their dollar completely and permanently and the effects that would have on the Stratford economy!)

This poses a problem for servers - and restaurants - often the American doesn't realize how far below our dollar his currency is.  I'm not sure if this is ignorance or just blind optimism.

What this results in is a serious decline in the tip, to the point of non-existence, often to the point of dropping below the price of the bill causing the server to have to pay for the remainder, and then of course still tip out on the overall bill making it rather expensive to serve Americans who pay cash.

American cash used to be a blessing, Stratford saw more American tourists overall when their dollar was stronger than ours, they spent more money and were more generous because it didn't cost them nearly as much.

I miss those days...


  1. You said it would get better.

  2. Where do you work that they don't post the US exchange rate at the hostess' desk or somewhere visible to guests?
    Poor management, that.

  3. JC you raise an interesting point! I've been keeping my eye out for this recently and have noticed that few restaurants display this information in view of the casual observer. Do tell, where do you work that does post it?

  4. Ah, Chew...I'll tell if you tell.


  5. As someone who also works in town and serves Americans I've seen no drop in an average 20% tip. Perhaps it's just the ones your getting, as there are good or bad tippers anywhere.