Thursday, October 20, 2011

beat that clock

(photo taken from Molly Bloom's Stratford Website)

I have woken to find that it is Thursday yet again.  What should I have for dinner on this dreary Thursday?  There is a simple and delicious answer to this question that you may not be aware of; In my own life this is a newly found treat.

Every Thursday Molly Blooms Irish Pub offers its guests an opportunity to "beat the clock".  But what does that mean?  Well, basically it works like this: starting at 5:00pm you can purchase an 8oz striploin and potatoes for $5.00.  As the clock ticks by, you may place your order at 6:15pm - how much is your steak then? - it's $6.15.  Whatever the time on the clock is the price of your steak.

But man can not live on steak and potatoes alone!  

That's okay, go ahead and add sauteed mushrooms and onions to your steak (generous portions for about $1.00 each).  Can you make it a loaded baked potato? Of course.  Feeling like you haven't had your veggies today?  Add a side of mixed vegetables for $1.29.  A little known secret suggested by a staff member - get a side of aioli for your fries for only $0.49

You are required to purchase a beverage with the deal but they've made the choice easy - besides practically giving away their hand cut steaks - Thursday also means $3 domestic bottles.  Bring on the 50.

The staff at Molly's are always friendly and capable and the food has never failed to impress me far beyond average pub-grub.  I would challenge you to feed your family a steak dinner at home that is this good, for this price, with good service and someone else does the dishes!

Note: steaks can sometimes be a little over their intended temperature, order your preferred colour one step down from normal (ie. if you like Medium try Medium Rare).


  1. Dearest Chew, where have you been?
    This has been a Thursday favourite for a long time now!! I agree about ordering the steak "one step down" from your usual preference.
    ...and the steaks are not tiny thin offerings as one might guess, either.

  2. JC, I know, I should have known about this earlier. A recent schedule change has freed up my Thursday nights, now I can indulge whenever I want.

  3. i didn't know the chew was whoring itself out.....this is a commercial not review

  4. Ha ha, the Chew is the cheapest whore around - unpaid even. If you could find a way to get me some cash money for such glowing advertisements, you could be my pimp.