Monday, May 23, 2011

the perfect glass of...

This is going to be another ongoing type of post, similar in time-line to the linkage.  Basically, I will consume (often in copious amounts) a beverage offered at a local establishment or a new exciting wine/beer/spirit that makes its way to our humble LCBO and then tell you all about it so that you can try it too! 
So raise your glass, let us toast to... 

le clos jordanne village reserve chardonnay 2008

Now, my affinity for chardonnay varies.  A great deal of favourites fall directly in the Chablis territory, or those Canadian versions that mimic the crisp minerality of their French cousins.  This is not such an example - though it may have brought me to the 'dark side'.

This chardonnay wafts from the glass in a capricious display of oak and fruit, delicately balanced between a buttery mouthfeel and fresher citrus characteristics.  A generous dose of pear and perhaps even a remembrance of apple pie on the nose mingle with a more floral tone.  At $25.00 (LCBO) this wine certainly delivers for the price point.  The complexity of flavours and aromas suggests it best enjoyed with simple yet classic foods allowing the wine to showcase its depth.

It looks like I shall have to try 'Le Grand Clos' or the 'Claystone Terrace' chardonnays as well if this is the quality!

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