Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekly Linkage! Horse Meat, Flavor Flav, Walmart in Stratford and more!

So happy Walmart's coming to town.  I enjoy purchasing food from Chinese farmers.  Supporting foreign products is pretty much my mantra.  "Out of work yet?  Keep buying foreign!  Who cares?!?"  I also enjoy the idea that I have a large carbon footprint (it makes up for other, smaller body parts that I may or may not feel inadequate about).  If we can lower the average wage in our city, decrease the quality of product and kill a few local businesses while we're at it, all the better!  As long as I can buy my ketchup, hemorrhoid cream and Wrestlemania videos in one place.  Plus now we can be part of this!

On to the links!

One thing Walmart doesn't sell (yet) is horse meat.  Good thing too, or people might get as upset at them as they are with Monday's Top Chef Canada episode (which features a challenge in which one contestant must use horse meat to create a dish).  I'm not going to touch on the potential health risk of eating a poorly regulated animal like horse (note: guess I just did).  What I don't get are the people who are upset because they feel eating horse is offensive, and yet eating beef is no big deal.

The amount of food we waste is absolutely shocking.  For those of you who won't click on the link, the most appalling number: North Americans waste 200lbs of food/year per person.  This does not include food loss (food that vanishes during the production and distribution process), but only refers to edible food that we throw away because we don't want it, or we've let it go bad.  This equals about one third of the food in the world.

McDonald's, ever the bastion of minimizing waste and small carbon footprints, is attempting to fool you into thinking that they care about creating healthy food for any other reason than to increase their profit margins.  The Walmart cafeteria is launching a 'Made Just For You' menu.  It's awesome how even the 'chef' says it's not about getting rid of the negatives, it's about the 'presence of positives'.  Next time I get a double Big Mac meal, I'll be sure to offset it with a Mango Pineapple Real Fruit Smoothie, which I'm sure won't have much sugar in it at all...

Flavor Flav is doing his part to not contribute to crappy food, albeit only by failing in his attempt to open a fried chicken spot in Las Vegas.

A profile on Canada's only female master sommelier.

The locavore movement has made it's way to the cocktail community.  Not sure if we have any distilleries anywhere near here, but we certainly have access to garnishes.  Some pickled ramps in a caesar perhaps...

Obika has opened in Toronto.  Sushi spot you might ask?  No, it's Ontario's first mozzarella bar.

The Toronto Sausage League had its inaugural competition this past wednesday.  No, it is not an all-male bowling league, it's an event in which two chefs go head to head, determining which one can make the best sausage dish.  Over the next five months, the challenge will be held weekly, eventually crowning someone champion and giving them the proud title of Sausage King.

The Local Come Lately has a stop by stop recap of the Delicious Stratford Debut Stroll, for which he was a guide.  It looks like this summer will have some pretty amazing dishes offered by some of our incredible local chefs.  Can't wait to start eating!

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  1. Your note on horse meat brings back memories of my childhood, when my parents would buy the cured and thinly sliced horse meat (done like Speck/Prosciutto) from Denningers in Hamilton. It was always a nice treat. I haven't had it for a while though. I don't see anything wrong with consuming horse meat versus the consumption of any other kind of meat. I did not however realize its unregulated nature - something to look in to.

  2. Your blog is not hosted by a local company... it's not even Canadian. So I find your statement regarding Walmart to be hypocritical.

  3. Dear Anonymous,

    I don't see the connection between Blogger and Walmart (in fact I think Blogger might be offended by the comparison). Blogger does not contribute to a world of low wages, huge carbon footprint and targeting local independent Stratford stores to put them out of business. However, if you are aware of a blog dedicated, Canadian/Local webhost please let me know and I will happily look into using it!

  4. There are many Canadian companies that provide web hosting. There are a couple here in Stratford. I'm shocked that you didn't bother to investigate your local options.

    "Supporting foreign products is pretty much my mantra."

    You probably shouldn't be so critical of Walmart supporters, when you are guilty of a similar offence.

  5. Hi Michael,
    I'm totally with you in regards to the human consumption of horse meat vs. other types. There is some regulation in regards to the slaughter of horses for food, but it seems incomplete (as far as I can tell). The documents I've read state that horses can't have received certain drugs or vaccines within 6 months of their slaughter, but don't state any rules previous to that. Also, they don't really discuss types of food. This is hardly organic meat. Hopefully, the awareness that Top Chef brought to this subject will open people's eyes (and maybe expand a few horizons).
    Thanks for your comment!

  6. Dear Anonymous,

    Please see:

    And thanks for the inspiration!

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