Wednesday, April 27, 2011

down the street...

Everyone is so happy to have one of Stratford's greatest late-night spots finally re-open after the harsh winter!  The place was a-buzz with activity on opening weekend and the menu just as tasty as ever!  For those of us who know the food scene in town, this is the classiest place for late-night rendezvous.  So popular is 'DTS' that one can be nearly jostled out the door by the shoulder-to-shoulder crowds on some nights.

Such a great way to greet guests - free bubbly was presented upon arrival!  And beyond the greeting, it's hard to go wrong with Anj and Caitlin behind the bar and Marjorie is always a delight at the table!  The location is as sensuous as ever and with some fresh paint and a good scrub over the winter, the place is ever more vibrant.

The wine list has an Ontario focus with Lailey Vineyard and Tawse Winery appearing among others.  Cocktails are expertly shaken - tiny ice crystals reflect the lights making my martini oh-so-perfectly chilled. 

Can't wait for patio weather, you'll find me amidst the blossoms, under that stars (and beside them - as it is a favourite haunt of the actors and plenty of restaurant icons) at 'DTS'.

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