Tuesday, April 19, 2011

when foodies go too far!

Now I'm all for supporting local/sustainable food. I prefer small independent restaurants who know their producers and use great products presented in delectable fashion, but there is a line!  This line is too often crossed by the people who launch far past 'foodies' to become 'gastronomes'.  These pretentious people believe that EVERYTHING that crosses your table should be 100% organic, even if you have a family of 6 and are hoping to feed them on a reasonable budget.

These 'gourmands' are stuck on the finer points of old European service, requiring even the most casual restaurants to flambe their bananas foster table-side.  They argue over the differences between wagyu and kobe beef ad nauseum.  They correct you constantly with pronunciations of uncommon food words and always use extravagant inflection and of course, every conversation about food somehow ends up with a discussion about how much they loooove FWAAAH GrrrRRRAAAAAAHHHHH!

I have served these people and I've cooked for them, but they are most irritating when you eat with them.  There is constant criticism of your choices, "that year in the Southern Rhone Valley was NOT a good vintage" "I cannot believe you would order THAT!"

The sad part is, the 'gourmands' are missing out.  They have forgotten the most important thing about food and drink; the enjoyment of it!  It's great to appreciate the finer things but one must always be careful to not take it too far lest your friends stop going out for dinner with you!

(Thanks to Catherine Cassidy for introducing me to this great video!)

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