Wednesday, April 13, 2011

give yourself a Hanh

An oft forgotten delight resides adjacent to the shell station on Erie st. Thai-Vietnamese cuisine is offered for dine in or take-out (I'd suggest taking out, as even the delightful 'Ms. Hanh' doesn't think it's a nice place to eat in - fluorescent lighting makes everyone look garish)  She says, "You take home! It not so nice here, but food is GOOD!" and she is right!

We had a great conversation while waiting for the take out to be ready - though the language barrier presented some difficulty.  She claims that quite the list of local celebrities frequent her little corner shop for take-out.  The likes of Neil Baxter (head chef of Rundles) and one of the owners from Pazzo are mentioned (she recognizes them from her days at the chef school! who knew?).

Most dishes are available in varied levels of heat.  Pad thai is great for those not overly adventurous and recommended mild by Hanh.  One shrimp makes it to the dish without being de-veined but the flavour is spot on so all is forgiven.  Beef stirfry is also recommended, this time hot, served on udon noodles.  The heat is great - we sweat just a little- the beef tender and the vegetables cooked just so, firm texture but not too crunchy.

Spring rolls are hand made and delicious - pastry is crisp and golden brown served with sharp tasty fish sauce, you have to get two of your own or you'll be left craving a second one for weeks to come!

The pho, ordered with a few spring rolls, is a perfect take-away lunch.  It's CASH ONLY so grab a few bucks, chop sticks and some rooster sauce and prepare for the best (and only) Thai food in town.



  2. Hanh is her first name! Also, for those not so adventurous, best chicken cordon bleu ever on Fridays!

  3. Thank you for the corrections ;) I've spoken with her for quite a while on a number of occasions but certainly was unsure whether Hanh was first or last. She's a great lady, and I will try the chicken my next time in!

  4. "You take home! It not so nice here, but food is GOOD!"
    Don't you just LOVE her honesty!

  5. i LOVE her. i love it.