Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekly Linkage: Bacon, Beer, Coffee and more!

Ah springtime!  Warm(er) weather, sunshine and swans, all signs of better days ahead.  This weekend marked the first signs of patio action at a few places in the downtown.  Sadly, the greatest patio of them all (old Othello's) will remain closed, leaving Peter to search for an alternative canvas to display his floral art.  Another sign of spring: the first of the seasonal restaurants are back as Down The Street has opened its doors this past weekend and the food was as good as ever (post to come soon!).

On to the links!

Big Stratford food/tourism news this week as three local festivals will receive over $180,000 from the province as part of their 'Celebrate Ontario' initiative. 
A potential ban on toys given out by fast food restaurants in New York city.  I'm no politician, but is there some way Stratford can do this?

Some pros and cons regarding the so-called 'molecular cuisine' movement that peaked a while ago and has been brought back into focus due to the release of the epic cookbook 'Modernist Cuisine' by Nathan Myhrvold.  If you enjoy the technical side of cooking and haven't heard of this book penned by the former CTO of Microsoft, you need to read about it here.  It's being called the most important cookbook of our time.

Nothing says spring (or summer, fall and winter for that matter) like a delicious beer: 
Here's a link to A Year Of Beer!: top Ontario microbreweries.
Why do craft breweries sell up?  Jordan St. John attempts to answer.
This guy consumed nothing but beer and water for 23 days...and still went to work!  A true hero.

Waterloo Region Eats' Andrew Coppolino did a great post on Kitchener's top coffee spots.  Stay tuned for The Chew's take on Stratford's best brews.  'Iron Barista: Stratford vs. Kitchener'  What do you think?

Speaking of iron: Iron Chef Uptown returns for 2011.  The first match is this Wednesday.  Stratford is being represented by both Bijou Restaurant (April 20th) and the Stratford Chef School (May 11th).  Kudos to Nick and Nat's Uptown 21 for organising and hosting the event.

Never thought I would say this, but can there be such a thing as too much bacon?

Lastly, Top Chef Canada premieres tonight!  Sadly, there are no Stratfordians competing, though I'm sure it's only a matter of time.  Here's a link to an awesome Spotlight Toronto post on a recent mock quickfire challenge between the Ontario chefs competing.  There are some pretty amazing pictures plus a video of the event (the video's not properly embedded, but it gives you a link).  Enjoy!

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