Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekly Linkage: Trends, Ronald McDonald, Tipping, Cheese and more!

Here are a few things food and/or Stratford related that have caught my eye recently on the interwebs.  Some are new, some are old, some are local, some are not, but I think they're all pretty interesting.  The plan is to do this weekly.  Hope you like it!

First off are a couple links offering opinions on some items we've discussed in previous posts:
  • Jay Rayner (one of the best food columnists in the world, in my opinion - and a top chef judge!) has his take on unruly children in restaurants.  If you missed it, here's part one of The Chew's take.
  •  A very interesting article on what makes us tip.  Large breasts and candy?  hmm...
  • Mark Schatzker at the Globe and Mail talks about his experience with sending food back.  He consults a chef, an American and his wife to get their opinions on the matter.
  • Local food plus talks about the Certified Local Sustainable tag and how it relates to items with multiple ingredients (ie. can local apples be combined with sugar and spices from further away and still be called local?)  
And the rest...

After a brief sojourn out of the spotlight, Ronald McDonald has decided to resume his career brainwashing small children.

Toronto Life has an article outlining their take on the past year's food trends.  Also (a feature I look forward to every year), their best new restaurants 2011 is out with some interesting profiles.

Want to lure the Chew? set out some of this!

Finally, if you haven't seen this Stratford Festival promotional video, now you can!  I think they nailed it.  Can't wait for summer!


  1. That really is a great video... proud to share it!

  2. Jay Rayner brings up a most interesting point on the subject on children's menus. Personally, I hate them. There is nothing worse than going to a restaurant as a family and the only thing available for the kids is some horrific frozen pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers or mac and cheese. My daughter doesn't like any of those things, but when the alternative is paying $26 for an entree of which she will perhaps eat a quarter, it's a frustration. IMO, restaurants should offer children's pricing - and possibly for seniors too - for any item on their menu for a reduced portion size.

  3. The Parlour has an awesome children's menu... my daughter loves the General Tsao chicken!