Friday, April 29, 2011


Though we claim to have advanced beyond neanderthals I feel at times that human beings are more like cattle, or perhaps lemmings.

Why is it that we gravitate to the thoroughfares of dining establishments to have long-drawn out conversations punctuated with grandiose gestures.  People congregate in doorways and hallways or crowd around a single focal point while cocktailing.

We mash ourselves into these bottlenecks, jostled by those around us; pressed indiscreetly against the stinking armpits of our neighbours (or voluptuous bosoms), while there are large open areas with virtually no one in them.  Vacant tables stand at the ready to embrace our idiot selves, but instead we bump, grind and flail: risking spilled drinks/dinners as servers attempt to manoeuvre the mine field of errant limbs.

Everybody move to the back of the bus!

More disturbing yet; even after being requested to move - ever so politely - a number of times over, people will just continue to shuffle back into the area that a member of the staff is trying to get to and from.  Blocking the way over and over and over and over and over.  How long until we get the point?  Perhaps we should ask Pavlov's dogs?

During these times of heavy congestion, you may feel a gentle hand on your back and a courteous request: 'Pardon me'.  But what we really want to say is MOVE!!! and we'd like to say it with our elbows.

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